Homeless Education Resource Network

Council Members

A heart-felt Thank you

Mary M. William Mary M. William, MSW
Director of Homeless Education Resource Network, BPS

Bernadette Moitt
Social Worker, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Program, BPHC

Cyntoria Grant
Dean, Parent University, BPS

Gwendolyn Clark
Former Assistant Director, Special Education and Related Services

Elizabeth Army
Adolescent/Runaway Counselor for Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Gerda Audry-Wright
Surround Care Coordinator at the Haynes Early Education Center in Boston

Dr. Catherine Constant
Executive Director of Special education and Student Support Services for Boston Public Schools

Lori Cox
Senior Director of Welcome Services

Renee Suchy
Executive Director, Dennis McLaughlin House of Charlestown

Elizabeth Doyle
Director of the Boston Department of Neighborhood Development

Ruby Brown
Manager, Sojourner House

Rev. Dr. Gregory Groover Sr.
Pastor of Charles Street A.M.E.

Lucinda Mills
Pupil Adjustment Counselor for the Boston Public Schools

Kathleen Monahan
Educational Coordinator for the Department of Children and Family Services

Jonathan Steketee
Director of Transportation for Boston Public Schools

Gabrielle Vacheresse
Housing Search Program Manager at Home Start

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