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Mary William, Program Director

“Social justice is about equal standards of living for every member of society, regardless of economic background and physical attributes”
— Mary William

Ms. William started her career as a preschool and elementary teacher. She has two graduate degrees, a Masters in Education from Cambridge College and a Masters in Social Work from Simmons College. After this, she worked as a social worker for the MA Department of Social Services. Before joining the Boston Public Schools, Ms. William worked with the Cambridge Youth Guidance Center and the New England Medical Center.

As the HERN Director, Ms. William coordinates services for over 3,000 students. These students attend 142 Boston Public Schools. She works closely with shelter administrators, human services agencies, and community-based organizations in Massachusetts.

Ms. William is committed to action and advocacy for the educational needs of children. She especially wants to help those children who are underserved, underrepresented, neglected, and homeless. Her personal goal is to close the opportunity gaps that many youth, especially homeless children and youth, experience.

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