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Five years after the McKinney-Vento Act was signed into law, the Boston Public Schools created a program to help children who were homeless. At this time it was called the Homeless Student Initiative. The program met the legal requirements. It also gave students who were homeless a stable education.

When the program started it was believed that about 100 students in the school district were homeless. The main services given were transportation, school supplies, clothing, and referrals. In 1996, BPS increased funding for the program to give more support to students who were homeless. The program added free tutoring and after school programs. It also did better outreach to students that may be homeless. The program grew again in 1997 when BPS received HUD McKinney funding. These additional dollars were used for more case management. Although the district no longer gets HUD funds, the BPS used its budget to keep the services.

The number of students served has grown every year since it was created in 1992. Currently over 3,000 BPS students are homeless. On top of the support original supports, the program also offers summer enrichment programs and trainings for families and homeless service providers.

HERN has strong relationships with BPS Office of Family and Community Engagement, Boston area family shelters and housing service providers, the faith based community, Interagency Council City of Boston, Boston area hospitals, Citizen Banks and City Missions Society.

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