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HERN is a part of Special Education and Student Services within the Boston Public Schools. We hope to provide a complete program for students who are temporarily without homes. Our goal is to help students have stable experiences in school.

Who is considered homeless?

The federal government defines homelessness. They define a child or youth who is homeless as one that does not have a set place to live. Also, it may be a child or youth that lives somewhere that is not appropriate for people to be living in for long periods of time.

By this definition, children dealing with homelessness may be found in these places or situations:

  • With their mother or father in a domestic violence shelter or in transitional housing shelters
  • Living with friends or relatives in over-crowded situations, with or without their parents; this could be because they had to leave their homes due to an emergency
  • Public or private places not normally used for sleeping, such as vehicles, trailer parks, motels, campgrounds, etc.
  • Runaways and youths who have been “thrown-out” of their homes or have left due to abuse
  • Living in a shelter, on the street, or who move from one friend’s house to another
  • Children of migrant families who do not have adequate housing
  • Left in hospitals or waiting for foster care; or
  • Placed in Department of Children and Families (formerly Department of Social Services) STARR (Stabilization and Rapid Reintergration) programs and bridge homes

Who do we serve?

In school year 2009-2010, the BPS served about 1500 students who were temporarily without homes. This is about half the number of students in the BPS who are homeless. The services used the most were transportation, help with enrollment and referrals to resources in the community.


Our services are paid for by three federal grants - McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act, Title I, and Title I ARRA. For more information on these programs please visit the following websites:

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